Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tis the Season...

Seaux~~~I decided to re-decorate my Dinning Room Christmas tree with Mardi Gras decorations   because...
Tis the Season to


I re-re-decorated my Mardi Gras Tree

I wasn't satisfied with the way my Mardi
Gras Tree came out so I re-decorated the whole thing!

Here is the final result

and here are a few more decorations I added to the tree and around my house!

This hat was decorated by my son when he was in 1st grade. (He is now a senior in college!)
The school he went to has a "Krewe of Heads" Mardi Gras parade every year where the 3rd grade class get to make these elaborate "heads" that they wear to parade around the parking lot at school. The school band and cheerleaders get to parade also and the 1st grade class get to decorate hats and join in on the parade.  And of course all of the parents and grandparents get to go watched! It's really cute!

Here is a picture of my son from the parade (many years ago)! Wearing the hat that is now on top of my tree!

and here are a few more pics from around my house

And here are the rest of the pics of my ornaments from my original post

Then I realized that I forgot to put my Mardi Gras ribbon on so I will be spending the evening re-doing my re-decorating!!
Oh well...guess I'll have to eat a piece of this

while I am re-decorating this

As soon as I get it all together I will post more pics!


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  1. Hi Kelly,

    I love all your gorgeous ornaments!!!



  2. I just love actheme secorated tree...This is so cool!

  3. Kelly, the Christmas tree turned Mardi Gra tree is a great idea. The ornaments are really cute and the colors are pretty. This is so different.....I would love you to add it to Your Cozy Home Party today. I'm sure it would give people a new idea to use in their home.---------- Shannon

  4. Hi Kelly,
    Oh gosh, I saw your fleur de lis and had to come visit! I am in St. Bernard Parish--I wondered if you are too! xo Cindy