Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Something to Brighten Things Up

Flowers to brighten up my day~~~

It never fails~~as soon as Christmas is all packed up and put away my house seems gloomy!

This year I did something about it!!

FLOWERS!! And lots of them!

I went to Sam's to do a little shopping...well a lot of shopping because you can't do a little shopping at Sam's!!

I bought 2 BIG bouquets of mixed flowers~~~

Here are some pics:

These red flowers where actually purchased the Sunday before Christmas!!! 

I love sending my husband to the grocery store because sometimes he comes back with a small bouquet of flowers!!

He bought these red flowers the Sunday before Christmas!! I know that for sure because I was cooking Gumbo and needed something from the store and he picked these up for me while he was there. This picture was taken YESTERDAY!!!!!

We can't believe that they have stayed so pretty for so long!!

I'll be putting out my Mardi Gras decorations out in a couple of days but for now the flowers are brightening my days!!

What do you do to un-gloom your house after the holidays?

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