Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Embroidered Paper

Okay, here are my finished cards. Nothing to fancy. I am just getting into making my own cards and don't have allot to work with. I took a class last week on machine embroidering on paper and wanted to try it out. Take a look at my finished projects.

This was really fun to do! I'll be looking for embroidery designs that will stitch out well on paper and I'll be making my own Christmas cards this year! I can't wait to do more of these!


  1. Wow! The patience it must take to embroider instead of stamp!!! I am impressed. I had to click the photos to get a close up just the check it was sewn. Keep it up. I remember when I first started making cards. . . let's just say that I have come a LONG way. :) I didn't own any stamps either.

  2. Embroidered paper is a lovely technqiue. Your Christmas cards are going to look amazing.