Saturday, July 9, 2011


How many of you out there are collectors? I love collecting things. My biggest collections come out for Christmas...Snow Village-Ornaments-Possible Dreams Santas-Paper Village-Byer's Choice...
The collections I have out year round are kinda small but are starting to grow and I am having to find new places to display them.
Here are pictures of a few of the collections I have :

Collection of Wine Bottle Stoppers...really we don't drink that much wine...just like to collect these!

 I have always been drawn to these adorable Hummel figurines. Don't know if it's the color, or cute little faces. I just ordered another pieces and can't wait to get it!!

Another of my favorite collections...Limoges boxes. Love these especially because they were all gifts from my husband!

Love Cloisonne pieces also. So pretty and colorful. Had to crowd these together to take this picture. I also have a collection of Beanie Baby Teddy Bears-Pins-Dishes with Blackberries and Hull Pottery (just started this collection and I only have far!)
So what about you? Any collectors out there? Tell me about your collections...I may just have to start another one!!


  1. Just found your blog and have enjoyed seeing your collections. My Grandmother has a collection of Hummel figurines and I have always liked them. Yours are very nice along with your other collections.--------Shannon

  2. You have some sweet collections going on there! Welcome to blogging and happy 2012!

  3. Hi Kelly!
    Thanks sooOOOo much for joining my linky party AND for sharing your amazing collections. Do I collect? Oh my.... don't get me started.
    I will share them as I blog along... have so many I will be able to come up with posts on them for a long time!
    Welcome to blogging! I started in February and I am having a ball.

    I love your Hummels. My older sister's godparents gave her Hummel dolls, a boy and a girl in the 1960s. They are about 12 - 15" tall and are made of rubber with the sweetest clothing on them. If you love the porcelain versions... you really ought to check out the vintage dolls! I ADORED them as a child!

    Thanks again for linking to the party!

  4. I am partying right after you at the polohouse. Love your collections.