Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Five Favorite Things

Favorite Things

I have soooo many favorite things!!

It was hard to narrow it down to just 5 today but I will post more next week.

So my list for this week is~~~
No certain order~~~

1)  I am trying to get my home/life organized right now and my favorite organizing youtube channel right now is Organized Like Jen. Jennifer has a ton of videos on this youtube channel that are about organizing everything from desk drawers to cars!!! She has a few other channels that are fun to watch if you like hearing about new beauty products The Busy Bee Buzz and if you are a dog lover like me!! Here is another of her youtube channels about her fur baby Winnie Winnie The Tzu. Jen is so sweet and is really good at organizing! She has been a great source of info for me!!

2) Amazon Big favorite place to do lots of shopping!!! And oh how I am loving Amazon Prime! I order lots of my books from Amazon and will probably do lots of Christmas shopping there too! LOVE IT!! 

3) My favorite hand lotion right now (and it's been my favorite for a long time) L'Occitane specifically the Shea Butter Scent I think I may be a little addicted to it!

4) I also think I may be a little addicted to Pinterest!! I usually get on at night. If I got on during the day I wouldn't get anything done! You can find my boards here:  Pinterest (my boards) 

5) And for number 5 on my list ~~~ Etsy  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Etsy. I love handmade items. People are so creative!! And I usually feel that I am getting a one of a kind item that no one else has! And for a little shameless plug...I have 2 Etsy stores. Not much in either of them but you can find me at Say Seaux (cards for all occasions) and at Seaux Southern (machine embroidery)

Well there you have it ~~ my list of 5. Lots more to come!!
I would love to hear what some of your favorite things are so please leave them in comments below!!

Happy Weekend!!

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