Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mardi Gras is Going to the Dogs

Krewe de Paws of Olde Towne

Today was parade day for Sabrina & Gracie~~

And boy did they have a great time!!

Gracie ready for the parade

Sabrina is ready too!

There were all kinds of creatively decorated floats

Lots of dogs in costumes

Big dogs (these dogs look big even when sitting down ~ they were REALLY REALLY big when they stood up!!)

Little dogs (this had to be the smallest dog in the parade and oh so cute!!)

Our two dogs (who of course were the cutest dogs in the parade!!)

And here are a few pics of our float

Sabrina spent most of the parade hanging over the side of the float and barked at all the BIG dogs.
They both had a fun time and we did too.

This was our second year in the parade and it gets bigger and better every year!

One of the best things about this years parade was that Amanda Shaw was our Grand Marshal!!

This is the crown that Krewe de Paws gave to Amanda
This was done by  local artists
Cooper - Stratton Designs

Amanda was so sweet!
She and her dog Gator had a great time with us!

And here is one last pic of Sabrina & Gracie in their float

Can't wait till next year~~
Maybe one of our girls will be QUEEN~~

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