Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Christmas To All


I've been busy putting out all of my Christmas Decorations
(it takes a couple of weeks for me to get it all done!)

Here are a few pics of what I have out~~

Starting off with a tour of our Snow Village
(It starts in our foyer and wraps around the corner and down the hallway~gets bigger every year!!)

Next is our Dinning Room Christmas Tree
Decorated in Bronze~Gold~Brown~and different shades of Green
along with a few reindeer, owls, squirrels, birds, forest trees
acorns and pinecones.

Next is our collection of Byer's Choice Carolers 

And our White Cardboard Village on top of our t.v. cabinet

And a few special ornaments from our Living Room Tree

Starting with my first Christmas ornament (the green bell) and my son's first Christmas ornament (the Teddy Bear)

Ornaments from our 1st Christmas together

Representing our great state of Louisiana

A Diet Coke ornament (for me!)

A Crawfish to represent my Cajun heritage and an Italian Santa to represent my husband's heritage.

A couple of ornaments we picked up on our Thanksgiving Vacation

A little ornament to remind me of the fun trip I took with my sister to Roundtop Texas

I have a "His and Hers" ornament set to represent every Christmas my husband and I have had together

One of my "seauxing" machine ornaments

This is one of many ornaments I still hang on our tree that I got for my Christmas ornament bridal shower.
This one was made by a dear friend.


One of my favorites. St Louis Cathedral

Our trip to Maine

One of our many trips to Texas

This one I got for my son when he started a collection of albums 2 years ago

Another one I got for my son when he moved into his 1st apartment 

Our Thanksgiving Cruise with friends

And another ornament to represent my Cajun heritage

My collection of Santas

and more Santas

That's it for now but I have lots more.
I'll add more pics later~~

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  1. Hi Kelly! Hope you had a Merry Christmas too. I love the St. Louis Cathedral ornament. Best wishes in 2013!