Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yardware Hardware and A Taste of Spring!

I don't really know what happened. I feel a little cheated really. Winter is not my favorite season but I feel like I was suppose to get something and it never showed up!! is what it is and now I am so looking forward to Spring!!
I took a walk around the yard today and these are the pretty things I found~~~

The "hardware" I have in my yard. The ornamental elements that I have in my flower beds that I plant around. Or as I affectionately refer to it as my "Yardware~Hardware"

Bell hanging on a post at my front door.
We never use it but I thought it looked cute!! 

Fleur de Lis yard decoration. I move this around but for right now it is in front of my Mardi Gras yard flag.

My bird trellis which started out green but got spray painted black last spring. I'm liking the black better. It just kinda disappeared in the flower bed when it was green.

My pelican weather vane. Love this one!!

And my favorite is my Blessed Mother Statue.

And here are a few of the flowers that are blooming right now!!


Lots of Azalea buds

And lots of Azaleas

Day Lillies are coming back

Banana Magnolias. Love the smell!!


Vine growing on a wrought iron trellis

Love the color of new leaves on my Indian Hawthorn

Mexican Heather

Can't wait to get in the yard and clean up flower beds and plant more flowers!!

What's growing in your yard?

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