Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's new is what's old...

I love antiques! I love antique furniture but what I love more is antique dishes! I have a few pieces that belonged to my mom that are safely packed away. I really want to display them somewhere but if something ever happened to them I would be sooooo upset! So I have been going to antique stores and shopping on eBay for dishes that I don't have and emotional attachment to.
Here are a few pieces I just recently purchased...

I just got this little Fenton vase. I would love to get a few more in this size. I think they would be great to dress up a table for a dinner party. A floral arrangement for each place setting!

This is my first piece of Hull Pottery. I love the mutted colors on this piece. Can't wait to get more!

I have a little collection of handpainted blackberry dishes. Blackberries are one of those things that remind me of my childhood. As a family we would go blackberry picking. I didn't much like the long pants and long sleeves we had to wear in warm weather. I really didn't like the thorns! And I REALLY didn't like the idea of maybe seeing a snake...but I loved those blackberries!!!

These are my two handpainted daisy plates.I just started collecting these for my kitchen. Daisies are another reminder of my childhood. My grandmother always had daisies in her yard!

I love spending time in antique stores looking around at all the items that once belonged to someones grandmother or even great grandmother. I especially love going shopping with my sister. She loves antiques as much as I do but collects different things. We live in different towns and sometimes we shop for each other. Which is just an excuse for me to spend more time looking in all those antique stores...I am shopping for two!

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