Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Say What?!

It's so interesting to me that certain areas of where I live have certain ways of saying things. For instance ~ in New Orleans (are at least certain areas of New Orleans) when someone was going to the grocery store they would say I'm "Makin' Groceries" I didn't grow up hearing this term but I knew that it was used  by one of the big grocery stores in the New Orleans area in their advertising slogan. I'm an not real sure if it still used today but I decided to stitch out this towel to see if anyone would like it~~

Well, I am guessing that it is either still used or at least it reminds people of their childhood growing up in New Orleans.

I have sold lots of these towels in the past couple of days!!

I love having things in my house that reminds me of growing up along Bayou Lafourche.
I guess everyone feels that way about remembering their childhood.

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