Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas, Christmas Time Is Here...

I finished up with my Chirstmas orders yesterday.

I mailed out the last of my Christmas cards.

Today I am making gumbo and tomorrow I am baking cupcakes. A few more gifts to wrap and I will be ready. It's funny every year I say I will start earlier to get ready and every year I feel rushed to finish getting ready. I always feel like I have forgotten to do something!
But then again getting ready is part of all the fun (the hustle and bustle) of the Christmas season!

On Monday I will start stitching up orders again but not until I look through all of  my pictures that I have been taking through this Christmas season and I will feel blessed to have had another great Christmas. I will think to myself yet again..."I really need to start earlier next year!" And next year I will do the same thing all over again!

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